Terms and Conditions for Solicitous Franchise

The agreement is in between the company Solicitous Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. And the franchise.
Whereas solicitous business solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides various services like website development, App development, Business consultation, software, Graphic designing, Digital marketing etc. and the person wish to be a franchisor of solicitous business solutions Pvt. Ltd. with his own free will.

Terms and conditions

Participating party have identified the following terms.
 Franchise will represent solicitous business solutions pvt.ltd. By no means should he use
solicitous name for any illegal thing.
 Franchisor is allowed to be a franchise of solicitous for above mentioned services only.
 Franchise is not allowed to take projects on solicitous name and outsource it to any other company. He should be loyal to the company.
 Franchise is not allowed to take projects of any other services or domain on solicitous’s name.
 Franchise is not allowed to take any cash payment, cheques i.e. any negotiable instrument, any mode of online transaction on his own name, he has to take all payments on the name of company and to the company account only.
 Registration fee given by the franchisee is non-refundable amount.
 By no chance franchisee should misuse solicitous’s name for his own benefit.
 Every check and every payment should be on the name of company i.e. (solicitous business solutions Pvt. Ltd.)
 Franchisor may share to franchise user ID, Passwords, Strategies, trade secrets or any other
sensitive information to the associate i.e. party of the second part. By no chance it should be leaked with anybody.
 For any kind of project company will give the final approval. Franchise is not authorized to take any project unless and until it is granted by solicitous by written approval.
 Profit percentage of the project will be dependent on the project and it may vary from 20 % to 50 %.
 By no means shall associate write, talk anything against the company which will harm the company’s reputation otherwise it will lead to legal obligation for franchise.
 Franchise is just allowed or granted by company to carry out business under solicitous’s name and hence company is not giving any share or directorship to any franchise.
 Franchise will not have right on any asset of the company including trademarks, copyrights and the past / present clients and resources.
 Franchise is allowed to carry out the business on the name of company for 12 months after registration. In case of Non- registration of 12 months Franchise is not allowed to carry out the business on the name of the company or using any stationary of the company.
 Franchise is not allowed to re – sale the franchise to any other person.
 Company can any time terminate the franchise or revoke the franchise.